Summit Creek Capital

SCC is actively involved in developing renewable energy projects as a partner of Intermountain Energy Partners LLC and sustainable farm communities through Quigley Initiative LLC, the developer of Quigley Farm.

In addition, we provide financial advisory services through our relationship with CONCERT Wealth Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor.  As financial advisors we offer customized, efficient capital allocations using smart beta strategies, engineered investments, and thematic overlays.

We offer innovative capital strategies to individuals, families, and institutions to preserve and to grow wealth.

As a certified B Corp, SCC seeks to leave a legacy of a different outcome where extractive methods and policies are replaced by those founded on sustainability and minimal impact to maximize the value of capital, be that financial, environmental, and social capital.

By developing renewable and sustainable projects that provide primary resources such as energy and food to communities, SCC believes improved pathways of development can occur, where systematic thinking emerges, encouraging stakeholders to recognize the greatest potential for value creation.