Current In-House Projects


Intermountain Energy Partners develops renewable energy facilities, primarily utility scale solar photovoltaic projects. IEP specializes in project development, engineering, construction services, and financing of renewable energy projects. Through involvement from origination to sale or ownership, IEP creates value throughout the development process.

As a partner in IEP, Summit Creek Capital LLC focuses on the financial and investment management related components of these development projects.



Quigley Farm is an impact investment that uses private capital to generate financial return while funding development of a farm, a backbone non-profit organization, and a neighborhood.

Features of the development include:

  • A diverse housing model;
  • A complete neighborhood;
  • A recreational destination;
  • Food production, processing and agricultural center;
  • An educational and skill development campus;
  • A non-profit and for profit business incubator;

A non-profit organization to steward conserved assets and the working farm (The Quigley Foundation).